The Basement (Part 1 of 4).  2013.  Oil on canvas.  8 x 10”
It only costs $0.00 to keep it real


*lame nigga voice* i don’t get a hug? 


All I want is someone who I can grow w/spiritually and mentally pls



Today in microfashion…(Juba, South Sudan)

He told me he wanted to be a “soccer star,” but wouldn’t say much else, probably because his teammates were hovering around him. But later on, when I asked the coach who the strongest player was, he pointed out this boy. “We made him captain,” the coach explained, “Because he takes it the most seriously. If we lose, he won’t talk for the rest of the day. He always shows up early to practice. If we’re not around, he organizes the team and has them ready when we arrive. And if anyone loses their temper during the game, he’ll reprimand them and tell them to just focus on winning.”(Juba, South Sudan)

Lupita Nyong’o graffiti at the Go Down Art Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.
She sat in the class I daydream in and I can only hope to be like her.

"Our team is called the Young Boys. We grew up in this neighborhood, so we wanted to give the local kids something to do after school. We bought them balls and shoes with our own money, and for game days, we go around and beg local churches for a place to play. We want to keep them very busy so they don’t have time for bad things. We don’t want to see anyone on our team wandering the streets. We practice every other day. The girls have their practice on our days off."
(Juba, South Sudan)